2012-03-16, Simon Strålberg
The popular app Zizorz has recently been updated to version 1.2. If you have Appifyer installed and all features activated, you should be recommended to update. Otherwise, you can of course update manually. A few new features:

  • - Uploads to imgur.com
  • - oAuth support (which means you can have full control of your pictures, using a simple-to-setup imgur account)
  • - Improved DragBox() - changing upload mode while dragging is now possible
  • - Improved Feedback function to use Appifyer.com
  • - Changed default directory to My Pictures\Screenshots
  • - Changed default output mode for files to return the full file name (note: You can paste a full file name in any file dialogue to access the file directly - f.ex. if you want to paste it into Gmail, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc.)
  • - Uses GDIP for Screenshot captures
  • - Source code cleanup

I hope you enjoy! As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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