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by Appifyer the 2011-12-11
Tags: website, web, design has just received quite a facelift and improvements to looks and contents of the website. A few changes are listed below:
  • New header
  • Submenu items with more information
  • Forum integrated with the new design
  • Developer registration and upload

What do you think of the news looks? What do you want to see next? Let us know by commenting this news post.
Category: About
by Appifyer the 2011-05-26
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Category: About
by Appifyer the 2011-05-13
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Appifyer(tm) has been in the making since the middle of february 2011. The idea was simple: A vision of a totally new way of using apps on personal computers. The previous development has always been rather "heavy" - An application is a full-fledged piece of software, often made by a commercial company, and it is launched and ran permanently - for minutes or hours.

The app market for SmartPhones is totally different - Apps are small, fast & intuitive. You launch an app when you need it, and the next minute you're already doing something else.

Appifyer will bring all the tools required to make the personal computer not only personal - but also smart. Three months from the birth of the project, Appifyer(tm) is available for public alpha testing to selected persons. Contact me at simon @ to find out more, or sign up for testing.